• Question: Do you think you will always be a scientists or do you have any other ambitions?

    Asked by hannahbanana to Charlie, Eoin, Jemma, Julian, Steve on 25 Mar 2011.
    • Photo: Julian Rayner

      Julian Rayner answered on 21 Mar 2011:

      Hi hannahbanana.

      I can’t imagine being much else besides a scientist – I enjoy it too much to do anything else! Some other people have asked “if you had to be something else, what would it be?”. That’s a more difficult one – possibly a teacher, because I really like talking about science and trying to communicate the recent findings to all sorts of audiences. Still, a big part of me would always just be wanting to get back to the lab to do more experiments…

    • Photo: Eoin Lettice

      Eoin Lettice answered on 21 Mar 2011:

      Hi hannahbanana,
      Thanks for your question. At the moment, I’m really happy being a scientist and I don’t see myself changing job direction any time soon. Alongside being a scientist though, I’ve got loads of ambitions in life: I’d love to visit New Zealand, I’d love to run another marathon – maybe in London or New York, I’d love to write a FUN book about science and plants!
      Hopefully, my job in science can help me achieve some of these ambitions!


    • Photo: Jemma Ransom

      Jemma Ransom answered on 21 Mar 2011:

      The great thing about science is it’s flexibility – my other great ambition at school was to be a writer, and I can do this alongside my scientific research. I think that I’ll always be a scientist, and I’ll supplement my research with other work like public engagement with science, science journalism, and work in the community.

    • Photo: Stephen Moss

      Stephen Moss answered on 21 Mar 2011:

      Hi Hanna

      I suspect I will always be a scientist, though this doesn’t stop me having other ambitions. I would love to write a novel one day, and I’d like to be able to spend more time on my other hobbies, like music and art.

    • Photo: Charlie Ryan

      Charlie Ryan answered on 25 Mar 2011:

      hi hannah again and thanks for your question!
      Well i enjoy being a scientist and have no plans for a drastic career change at this moment! As a scientist you get great opportunities to work at universities, or at a company. I think maybe in a couple of years i’d like to work at a research based company that specializes in my field. I’ve never worked at a company for a long period so i think it would be a worthwhile experience.
      Apart from that…i do have other ambitions! I’d love to write a book, explaining rockets to the general public – kind of like ‘how rockets work’ kind of thing, describing all the many many really different types of rockets now working out there!