• Question: is your rockets going to be used for the space hotel coming up?

    Asked by victorsimthegreatscientist to Charlie on 25 Mar 2011.
    • Photo: Charlie Ryan

      Charlie Ryan answered on 25 Mar 2011:

      hi thanks for the questions!
      No i don’t think my rockets would be suitable for a hotel – sorry! The thrust they produce would not be enough to move such a heavy structure as a space hotel. My rockets are only great at moving little things, in an efficient way!
      I have to admit i didn’t know there was a space hotel coming along! I’ve heard of there being rough plans but it would be very expensive. There is a company called Bigelow Aerospace, who make inflatable (yes inflatable!) structures for space, and they have launched a few test modules. If anyone was likely to build a space hotel, it would probably be them.