Stephen Moss

Photo: Steve

Me and my Work: I’m studying what happens to the cells of the eye when people lose their sight, and trying to find new ways of preventing sight loss

Status: Good luck to Charlie and Julian - only minutes to go!

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Julian Rayner

Photo: Julian

Me and my Work: I try to understand how malaria parasites recognise and invade human red blood cells, in order to develop new ways to block invasion and treat malaria, which kills more than a million children every year.

Status: Wow! Thanks so much for the votes, and congrats to all the scientists who were on. It was a huge amount of fun, and it feels like we are old friends, even though we have only ever met in strange cyber-chat land...

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Jemma Ransom

Photo: Jemma

Me and my Work: I look at how the cells in your brain (neurons) use vitamins that you eat in your diet.

Status: Congratulations Julian, thoroughly well deserved!

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Eoin Lettice

Photo: Eoin

Me and my Work: I use some sneaky tricks to try and fool pesky plant pests!

Status: I'm sorry to go. Have really enjoyed taking part. Good luck to all of the remaining scientists. Keep up the good work guys!

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Charlie Ryan

Photo: Charlie

Me and my Work: I’m working on producing a very small rocket engine for miniturized spacecraft!

Status: absolutely thrilled to be in the final!! Good luck Julian!

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